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Thursday, 1 October 2015

D'Oliveiras - The Tasting

A tasting of D'Oliveiras wines with Luis D'Oliveiras

From my interview with Luis D'Oliveiras, I established that he is a focused, intense individual with a self-assured presence and an Old School attention to detail.

I find much the same character in his wines.


10 years fresh, aromatic and complex with roasted bitter spices; long and intense

1989 darker mahogany, more complex and especially mellow; intense

1981 fragrant, soft, mellow and balanced with balsamic and tobacco

1969 fragrant, plump and mellow

1937 dark golden, soft and plump but with a muscular core as the intensity develops; roasted bitter spices, complex caramel and butterscotch; fresh with a long finish of roasted spices

Medium Dry

10 years rich fruitcake, sweetness, freshness

1994 Verdelho more mellow and complex

1985 Verdelho raisiny, complex roasted spices; mellow with lively acidity 

Terrantez 1971 near-extinct grape variety, less aromatic and more elegant, medium dry 

Bual 1968 his best seller over 40 years; very dark with golden hints; rich fruitcake, intense roasted nuts and spices. Complex

Bastardo 1927 blackish, medium sweet, complex roasted spices, fragrant, long and intense. This is absolutely bottled electricity; vibrant and athletic, it dances on the tongue. 

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