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Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Cambridge Tasting

Last weekend, I held The Cambridge Tasting at Downing College with the help of Davy Kurniawan.

It was a gathering of friends to try a range of wines that I thought might be interesting: mainly a mix of bloggers and trade, the idea was simply to taste our way through the wines and see what we thought - with the producers / their PR agencies on line for a tweet-up.

The Cambridge Tasting in numbers:

- 18 different wines
- three countries represented
- 16 tasters, a mix of bloggers, WSET students, trade, buyers and other enthusiasts
- 1 Cambridge College
- three tweet-ups and 4 twitter hashtags

The wines were from Adank in Switzerland, Crus Bourgeois 2010, with some 2000s from the college cellars for comparison and South Africa's 7Springs.

With a mix of experience levels and backgrounds, there was some interesting and often lively discussion. The consensus was that it worked very well as a format and should be repeated - with Davy heading off back to Indonesia shortly, the next one won't be at a Cambridge college, but at least one person offered to host some time.

I'll be writing up each flight of wines separately.

Attendees included:

- Davy Kurniawan
- Paola Tich
- Aoife Maxwell - who has already written up the event here:
- Caroline Biggs
- a number of Cambridge Wine Merchants buyers
- a number of Cambridge University Blind Tasting Society members

The Cambridge Tasting in Pictures

The Room - before any wine arrived.

The Adank Pinots - which caused quite a bit of discussion.

The 7Springs wines.

Finishing up.
Snow still falling as we leave.

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