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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Dourthe Reserve, 2009 - Montagne St Emilion

This Dourthe Reserve 2009 Montagne Saint-Emilion was chosen by the Association of Wine Educators for the Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux campaign as an example of an everyday Bordeaux available nationally.

Montagne Saint-Emilion is a satellite region of Saint-Emilion on the right bank - in simple terms, then, this is a step-up from basic Bordeaux but from a lesser region of a great region, so to speak; right bank means Merlot-dominated, and therefore softness, aromas and earlier drinking.

A very enjoyable and surprisingly easy-drinking Bordeaux from a national chain, it does indeed meet the overall GFWCB brief. It's also reasonably typical, so will give you a good idea of the Bordeaux right bank style; there is good fruit, aromas and a soft texture - it ticks all the boxes of what a sensible, drinkable European-style food wine should be.

Match with roast beef or herby butcher's sausages.

£9.99 from Waitrose; provided for review.


Waitrose Wines - website, twitter
Good Food Would Choose Bordeaux - http://www.goodfoodwouldchoosebordeaux.com/
Dourthe - http://www.dourthe.com/en/

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