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Saturday, 22 January 2022

Duorum Vinteiro 2019 - Aldi

A white wine from Portugal's Douro region, at German discounter Aldi

Also reviewed on my new platform here: Duorum Vinteiro 2019 — Aldi. A white wine from Portugal’s Douro… | by Tom Lewis | Oct, 2022 | Medium

Portugal's Douro region is best known for producing port and, increasingly, red table wines from port grapes. Whites from the region are something of a niche interest.

Where port is big, alcoholic and sweet, this Douro white is clean, lean and refreshing, the sort of wine for sipping in the garden on a hot summer's day or for serving as an aperitif.

Made from a blend of grapes, it includes some Rabigato, part of the Muscat family which gives just a hint of grapey florality.

It also comes highly and widely recommended:

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Elegant, well-made and versatile, it is a wine you can keep coming back to for refreshments rather than one that makes a big splash on first impression.

Fresh and mineral, it would also stand up to deep-fried fish or a seafood stew

Douro Vinteiro, 2019 - Aldi (£5.99)

orchard and white stone fruit, white flowers; fresh and citrussy with floral aromatics, melon fruit, slatey minerality and a whiff of white pepper; lean, tangy and well-made.

Thoroughly pleasant.

A versatile food wine, match with summer picnic foods, mixed seafood or fish and chips.

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