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Sunday, 6 September 2020

Montes Reserve Chardonnay - The Co-op

A wonderful throwback Chilean Chardie from The Co-op

Montes Reserve Chardonnay, Chile

I kind of miss the 80s and 90s - to be honest, I rather miss 2019.

Anyway, the era of the Terminator, yuppies, Ladettes and Girl Power also gave us Big Oaky Chardonnay.

Yes, like all things, it eventually got a bit out of hand, but in its heyday, it was great.

Good Oaky Chardonnay is full of ripe fruit, butterscotch and spice; it's as easy to enjoy as one of Arnie's catchphrases.

Zig-a-zig ah!

Montes Reserve Chardonnay, Chile, (£8, The Co-op) ripe tropical pineapple and melon fruit, toasty vanilla oak and creamy brazil-nut savoury leesiness. Fresh and mineral; supple, harmonious and well-made.

Good and Good Value.

A versatile food wine, match with herby sausages, roast chicken or wiener schnitzel.

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