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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Mouton Cadet - White Bordeaux with Cheese

A white Bordeaux with cheese - from Vinatis

Mouton Cadet Bordeaux 2018

If you were to think of a Bordeaux to match with cheese, chances are you might first think of something red, possibly with a bit of age.

I have long found that white wine matches better with cheese than red; the reason is tannins and flavour. Tannins in a wine don't work with cheesy saltiness and the fruit profile of a red often clashes with cheesey flavours.

By contrast, whites are cheese are a great match; no tannins, high acidity and mostly complimentary flavours.

This Mouton Cadet (from the owners of first growth Château Mouton Rothschild, but not the same wine - sadly) is recommended to match with stinking bishop, a washed-rind cow's cheese.

The vagaries of partial lockdown meant that I tasted this with a range of cheeses, none of which were stinking bishop.

Mouton Cadet, 2018, Bordeaux (£10.50, Vinatis) clean, modern and aromatic in a kiwi style; floral, herbaceous and peppery with zippy lime, fresh green apple; fresh, saline and mineral. Pure, elegant and poised.

Drinking nicely now; improves with aeration.


Matches well with younger, creamier cheeses, such as herby roulé, medium cheddar and pie d'angloys.

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