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Monday, 13 April 2020

Domaine du Chemin de Rabelais, Touraine Mesland 2017

An elegant and very assured Loire red

If Loire wines have a defining characteristic, it is freshness. Fresh and elegant, Loire reds have a vibrant juiciness that few other places quite manage.

Touraine Mesland is a sub-region of Touraine just outside Amboise. Its vineyards were planted by monks who were the first to introduce the Gamay grape to the area.

This red is a blend of all three permitted red grapes: juicy Gamay; deep Côt (aka Malbec) and herbaceous Cabernet Franc.

Domaine du Chemin de Rabelais, Touraine Mesland 2017 fresh juicy red berries and red plum fruit with raspberry leaf. Supple and elegant with good underpinnings and no rough edges. Very adept.

Drinks nicely out of the bottle and will age for another year or two; chill lightly for a summer sipper.


Match with mixed starters, salmon / tuna steaks or salami.

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