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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Studio by Miraval; Rosé from The Co-op

Another Provence celebrity rosé, from The Co-op, made by Perrin

Ad Man David Ogilvy once observed, people don't know how they feel, don't say what they think and don't do what they say.

This was not pejorative; merely an (accurate) observation of what it is to be human.

When we buy a bottle of wine, we are purchasing an experience and making a statement about ourselves as much as we are actually acquiring liquid in a bottle.

To wine purists (and many educators) who are product-focused, this view is heresy; it's all about what is in the glass.

Back in the real world, think about what car you drive and what clothes you wear - these send a subtle, but powerful series of signals about the sort of person you want to project yourself as.

Behavioural scientists such as Rory Sutherland call it "the peacock's tail"; it serves no evolutionary purpose other than as a method of showing off, of projection of the self.
And so it is with this beautiful bottle of Provence rosé from celebrity ex-couple Brangelina; it looks gorgeous and will send just the right signals if you want a sophisticated and reliable rosé to impress guests.

Equally, it tastes thoroughly pleasant too, so the liquid backs up the promise of the packaging.

It probably costs a pound or too more than an ordinarily-packaged bottle of Provence rosé of equivalent quality, but on the flip side, it also looks more expensive than it costs.

So, quality, presentation, value - pick any two.

Studio by Miraval (£12, exclusive to The Co-op) very pale, slightly toasty; soft red-berry fruits, garrigue herbs, white pepper and saline minerality; elegant and pure.

Thoroughly pleasant.

A pleasant sipper, match with picnic food.

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