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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Salvatore Calabrese Liquore di Limone

This Salvatore Calabrese Liquore di Limone is made from Amalfi lemons picked in the first week of June and macerated for five weeks in fine Cognac.

Its creator - Salvatore Calabrese himself, a swarthy, mustachioed Mediterranean bartender with, it has to be said, a somewhat cheesy grin - claims it to be the best liquore di limone in the world.
And, it has to be said, the result is very good indeed; it has the appearance of still, cloudy lemonade and smells intensely of lemon zest.

The palate is a refreshing and perfectly-balanced mix of warming sweet-sharpness and savoury persistence.

With its refreshing sharpness, it is a perfect digestif after an indulgent meal featuring a few more courses and bit more food than you should really have eaten - which seems to happen quite a lot in Italy.

On a hot sunny day, with eyes closed, you could imagine yourself in a southern lemon grove, backing on to rocky hills and looking out over the Med.

It has a vibrancy and intensity that speaks of hot, Romantic far-off places of sprightly people in flamboyant clothes who live on a diet of peppered foods and strong liquors.

Available from Harrods, Hedonism Wines and thedrinkshop.com at £30 for 50cl; provided for review.

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