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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

A Mixed Case From Tesco To Be Won‏

A mixed case of best sellers from a retailer is, for me, just about the best way to get a sense of whether their "house style" is your thing or not.

I've done this with a few retailers now and have a reasonably good sense of what to expect from the main big internet players as well my local independents in Cambridge.

This time it is the turn of Tesco who recently sent me a mixed Summer Spectacular Case to try with the promise of an additional case of the same wines as a competition prize.

The case itself is a diverse collection, including a vintage pink Spanish fizz, a New World Chardie and a red from the traditionally rustic and characterful region of South West France.

Due to something of a backlog at CWB Towers of review wines to get through, I'm launching the competition now and will review the wines in the next few weeks.

The competition is very simple - I want you to tell me about the most memorable bottle of wine you've had and why. It could be special because of the wine itself, the person you drank it with or the occasion of your drinking.

It doesn't have to be expensive - or even that good. It just has to be memorable.

Obviously, it helps if it was very good, and if it also led to a life-changing experience for you, I'll be deeply impressed; a lunch reunion with a long-lost relative, the wine you had when you proposed to your other half, the bottle that convinced you to love sherry, or a nice chianti that you had with some liver and fava beans.

Simply add a comment to this post and in a couple of weeks, I'll review them all and declare a winner.

You can enter as many times as you like, but my decision is final and don't forget to ensure I know how to contact you in the event you are the lucky winner.


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  1. Mamasmurf09@hotmail.co.uk. Mel Greenbank13 July 2012 at 05:33

    Most special would be the bottle of Ernest and Julio Gallo white Grenache that my now hubby brought for me after the birth of our gorgeous little boy! Surprised that he knew just what was my most favourite wine, and at how good it tasted after months of no alcohol!! My sister was horrified that he hadn't got champagne, but was much better to me, he knew what I loved!!! X