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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Brewery Hill Shiraz, South Eastern Australia, 2008 - Naked Wines

I reviewed the Brewery Hill Reserve Shiraz a while ago (see here) as part of a case Naked Wines sent me for review - this is effectively its little brother and I bought it with my own funds, albeit on special offer as part of a pre-selected mixed case.

Aussie Shiraz is something of a "modern classic" wine - fruity, warm-hearted and spicy, it's a real crowd pleaser with complex aromas and smooth texture when made in a warm climate. The grape originally hails from the Rhône - where it is known as Syrah and produces something much more textured and rarified - but made its way to Australia in the 1830s and is now the country's most-planted red variety.

This wine, from the generic catch-all region of South Eastern Australia, is all about crowd-pleasing aromas - there's plenty of typical New-World plums and prunes, some earthy woodsiness and vanilla on the nose, with peppery spice and minty eucalyptus on the palate. Technically well-made, with a smooth texture, some fruit sweetness and just a touch of tannic grip on the finish, it's seductive and quaffable.

It feels more restrained than the Reserve, but although it's a less serious wine, that also makes it perhaps rather more enjoyable.

The list price for this wine is £8.99/£5.99 for Angels.


Naked Wines - http://www.nakedwines.com/

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