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Monday, 27 June 2011

La Delfina Special Cuvee Prosecco

I used half of this bottle from Cambridge Wine Merchants for a strawberry and Prosecco jelly terrine recipe that I was test-driving over the weekend for MasterChef finalist Alex Rushmer who, amongst other things, is about to open a new restaurant somewhere in Cambridge.

It seemed a shame to waste the rest, and as the weather on Sunday was so good, we sat in the garden and finished it off whilst waiting for the final layer of the jelly to set in the fridge.

On pouring, it froths and foams enthusiastically; the nose is spritzy, lightly fruity with Conference pears and a slight seaside tang.

The palate shows more pear fruit, ripe, rounded acidity and some complex, citrus sweetness; the finish is dry, balanced and lingering.

Overall, it is refreshing, elegant and balanced; it does not gain particularly in complexity with air - rather, it remains straightforward and up-front, and impresses by being well-made and more-ish rather than through, say, the diverse flavours and aromas one finds in a good Champagne.

It also costs a lot less than a good Champagne, too.

£8.49 from Cambridge Wine Merchants.

Provided for review.


Cambridge Wine Merchants - http://www.cambridgewine.com/

Alex Rushmer - http://alexrushmer.com/

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